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Arsenal Double Club

Educational website for pupils, parents and teachers

The Arsenal Double Club website was created to promote language learning among children as well as encouraging schools to sign up and get involved in their charity programme. Cyber-Duck produced a user-friendly website which successfully caters for and engages three different audiences.

Awards won

  • Communicator Awards - Non-Profit Organisation Website Design, for the Arsenal Double Club school programme
  • Horizon Interactive Awards - Training / Elearning Web Design for Arsenal Double Club's school programme
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Schools Registered


Communicator Award of Excellence

Arsenal Double Club website on a Macbook


Arsenal Double Club aims to encourage young children to learn a variety of languages, alongside promoting their charity programme to schools. Here, the challenge was to create a website that was visually appealing and engaging for three different audiences, all with different requirements. 

Teachers needed relevant information to register their schools to the programme; parents could learn about the courses available for their children and the children themselves wanted an entertaining fun area on the website to support them in learning a new language.

  1. Create an attractive, informative and accessible website.
  2. Provide relevant information for teachers to register their schools.
  3. Help parents to learn about the courses available for their children.
  4. Create a 'fun zone' for children to interact with and learn a new language.

User Centred Design Methodology

To create a website that was both appealing to pupils and teachers alike, we needed to draw upon a very specific design methodology: our tried-and-tested user-centred design process.

At the heart of this process is a focus on user research. We conducted stakeholder interviews and user testing to ensure we discovered what the users and stakeholders not only wanted from the project, but what they need - even if they didn't know what that was!

Once we knew what everyone needed from the website, we began the project for Arsenal in earnest. We established an art direction to entice users and created an information architecture that would make the site accessible.

Then we developed the website. We integrated a high-end CMS and developed the front-end so that it was both responsive and looked amazing. Finally, we prototyped the interfaces to ensure the website worked and using Quality Assessment to ensure there weren't any bugs.

arsenal case study v3


We produced a user-friendly website which successfully caters for and engages with the various audiences. This was done by including comprehensive details for parents and teachers as well as a fun zone for children, all in an aesthetically pleasing design.

As a result, the website was awarded the Award of Excellence in the 18th Annual Communicator Awards, for the category of Charitable/Non-Profit organisations.

Key stats


Schools Registered


Communicator Award of Excellence


Samir Singh Headshot

The new website for Arsenal Double Club's languages programme is fantastic. We are hoping that it will lead to many more schools signing up to the scheme.

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