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Canu Care

Delivering a game-changing recruitment platform and CRM for the care sector

A new company from Arrive Digital, Canu Care aims to transform the care sector through launching an innovative recruitment platform created solely for care workers and care providers. Canu Care needed an expert technical partner to help deliver their vision. Cyber-Duck was happy to help.

Canu 1


Canu Care was founded by friends working in the care sector; they had seen first-hand how frustrating it can be for carers to find work or care providers the attract and retain the right candidates. Canu wanted to make finding the perfect job or candidate easier than ever before – and could take a cue from online dating to do just that.

Canu Care wanted to match candidates to roles that suit their personality, all without agencies. But although Canu had the visual design to bring their idea to life, they needed a technical partner and UX specialist to build the new brand and fulfil the concept’s promise as a full Software as a Service (with a subscription module).

Cyber-Duck’s task was to build an online jobs portal, including frontend job search for applicants and a full admin job posting and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to manage the whole recruitment process with a top notch user experience for both personas.

  1. Build an online jobs portal for the care sector
  2. Develop an effective job posting system
  3. Construct an applicant tracking system
  4. Build a subscription module to charge companies for the service

User experience strategy

Before any development could begin, our UX designers analysed the client’s designs to ensure they met user needs. The designs must work for two very different sets of personas: the care workers and the care providers.

Our team audited all the existing Canu designs, probing them for any gaps that might compromise the user experience. We also matched the designs up to a technical specification, trying to understand how we could utilise modern technologies to deliver Canu’s vision.

We drew on Agile, the reliable and efficient project management methodology, to deliver the complex Canu portal in less than 3 months and within budget.

Canu 2

Technology strategy

We utilised the best technologies available to build the complex Canu Care portal. The open-source Laravel PHP framework was our chosen back-end technology because it has the flexibility and efficiency Canu needed. As the official UK Laravel Partner, we were ideally positioned to deliver this work. We created custom components and features based on Canu users’ specific needs. 

We built the front-end using Vue.js, a robust JavaScript ecosystem that allows developers to build intuitive, responsive and powerful user interfaces. Elsewhere, we used Stripe to facilitate subscriptions securely, integrating it seamlessly into the Canu system.

Finally, we also used Algolia Search to allow Canu to provide customised job search results to applicants. All of these technologies combined would ensure users could enjoy an unparalleled user experience in the care sector.

Canu 3

Test-driven development

Canu Care was a complex product, with a lot of technical requirements we needed to fulfil. We needed the functionality to match care workers with new job roles which, in turn, were categorised into several different personality types. So first we needed to work out which personality each user was before we could match them to a relevant job.

With complex logic and features, alongside a very fast-pace agile delivery, there’s a lot that could go wrong – but this was covered by using test-driven development. Our multi-disciplinary tech team worked with Canu to identify all possible user journeys and challenges.

Then, we created test scripts to ensure all elements of our code architecture were performing correctly. Our Quality Assurance Analysts then worked tirelessly to test the Canu platform so that when it launched it had as few bugs as possible.

Canu 4


After a series of 5 sprints, the Canu project was launched in July 2018. In just three months, 10,000 carers and nurses signed up using the platform. 

Care workers and care providers can now search for and post jobs in a dedicated platform for their sector. They can do so based on personality, as care workers can be matched to the perfect role for them.

The Canu Care platform uses powerful technologies to achieve its aims and it was a very exciting project to work on. We look forward to working with Canu going forward to further improve the Canu Care platform and continue to transform the care sector.

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