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CH Hausmann

Responsive website with bold photographic visuals

The team produced a fully responsive website and brand for C.H. Hausmann & Co., a prestigious and well-established law firm based in the West End of London. Every aspect of this website, including the parallax scrolling and high dynamic range images, were designed to be ‘device agnostic'.

Awards won

  • Communicator Awards - Distinction in the Law category for the CH Hausmann website design
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Key stats


increase in mobile and tablet traffic


of the Communicator Award of Distinction


CH. Hausmann & Co. is a prestigious law firm based in London's West End. They work with high-profile clients, including embassies, businesses and high net-worth individuals.

Our team quickly identified CH. Hausmann’s character is far from the corporate environment traditionally associated with the legal industry. They are a personable, creative yet professional law firm, lead by a charismatic, experienced team. We were inspired by the heritage of their offices: a listed building with a Victorian exterior, marble décor and beautiful artwork.

So, we aimed to create a striking, device-agnostic website that truly reflected CH. Hausmann’s illustrious character and brand status.

  1. Reflect the firm’s professional image while setting them apart from typical law firm competitors.
  2. Represent CH Hausmann’s key services and core values concisely yet accurately.
  3. Provide a device-agnostic website with a great user experience for all visitors.


Many of CH. Hausmann’s competitors tend to lag behind in technological advancements. So, we identified a great opportunity to take a mobile-first approach, balanced with dramatic visual design.

To capture the character of the firm, we utilised innovative High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Rob Clayton, a talented photographer, helped us create incredibly high-resolution images, which look far more realistic than standard. These became the focal point of the website. 

We brought these images to life, designing an immersive experience through parallax scrolling. This technique created a faux-3D effect, adding depth to each image on scroll.

Parallax scrolling is rarely combined effectively within a responsive web design, as it can have a performance cost for low-powered smartphones. Taking a progressive (feature) enhancement approach, our developers cleverly coded the site so these animation effects were added when the device (or screen size) was capable of display.

CHH Case Study


Overall, we ensured the essence of CH. Hausmann’s brand – classic, timeless, theatrical, professional, innovative and modern – was translated through the design theme, photography and user experience.

The final website is a shining example of how striking visuals and animation can be achieved within a carefully crafted responsive design. The website loads fast on mobile, while offering feature enhancements that leverage the device capabilities of more powerful computing devices and displays.

Nearly a third of CH Hausmann’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Now, those visitors now get the experience of an award-winning website that truly represents the boutique law firm’s brand and character. The project won a Distinction from the Communicator Awards, surpassing the standards for websites in the legal industry. 

Key stats


increase in mobile and tablet traffic


of the Communicator Award of Distinction


Alex Trager Lewis Headshot

We could not be happier with the outcome. Not only does the website offer the chance to learn more about our services and communicate with us, but it tells a great story about the character and history of CH Hausmann & Co. to clients, across all modern devices.

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