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Digital Shadows monitors and manages an organisations's digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep and dark web to protect an organisation's business, brand and reputation.

Cyber-Duck worked with Digital Shadows to enhance the UX of their SearchLight portal product, as well as delivering a fresh brand strategy more aligned with their identity.


The Portal Challenge

Cyber-Duck initially started working with Digital Shadows on the redesign of their SearchLight™ portal, which their main service centred around. This portal provides Digital Shadows’ clients with the ability to monitor and receive alerts about potential threats or leaks.

Our challenge was to get Digital Shadows’ portal up to a level where it would become essential to their clients’ workflow. Our main objectives were to:


Deliver a fully responsive portal interface that users could access and use effectively on any device.


Present the existing information in a clear, digestible and actionable format.


Identify and design new interfaces and features that could bring additional benefits to the portal.

The Portal Process & Results

Clients were already using Digital Shadows’ SearchLight™ portal when we were brought in, and it had several useful features and a planned pipeline of potential releases that made it a great platform. But we wanted to push that further, so we challenged the service offering through our user-centred design approach.

The advantage of having real users to hand was that we had easy access to relevant, crucial feedback. We could use this to gleam insights that could influence our redesign and give feature priority direction.

Through a series of upfront focus groups with the users, we created a roadmap of features that would strengthen the service offering of the SearchLight™ Portal. The interface of the portal was overhauled to feature a customisable dashboard that highlights key facts at a glance. Each design decision was validated via usability testing with real users.

Since our initial work on this user-centred design project, Digital Shadows have gone on to develop the portal into an industry renowned tool with even more impressive features. See the latest version here.


Digital Shadows Portal

Brand Strategy

Within just a few years, Digital Shadows had outgrown its brand. It had grown from a two-man start-up to a business with a seven-figure turnover, and needed a new brand strategy to reflect that difference. As such, once we completed the portal strategy we turned our attentions to branding for Digital Shadows.

Firstly, we helped the Digital Shadows team see that their current brand did not represent who they were today. Also, it wasn’t powerful enough to ensure Digital Shadows stood out from its competitors in the cyber security industry.

By repositioning Digital Shadows’ whole brand strategy, we would help to better reflect the business’ vision.

Meet the New Digital Shadows

Through a series of brand positioning and exploration workshops with our client, we defined a brand strategy that reflected their unique service.

The brand strategy and identity takes its lead from multiple influences. It embraces the digital unknown. The cursor positioned at the end of the word mark is the main signifier of this. A flashing cursor invites you to add an input and create an output: the notion of moving forward.

The branding encourages an openness to embrace the digital unknown, going beyond the boundaries and moving forward with the help of Digital Shadows.

The graphical form also ties back to the tech and hacking side of the company. The cursor acts as a flexible graphical device that can be used across the brand and act as a key visual for the Digital Shadows brand.


Brand Collateral

To give Digital Shadows everything the needed to convey their brand, the new identity was rolled out across a wide range of collateral. This included all touchpoints with the user, potential clients and the media.

The collateral also included creative diagrams that, in as simply as possible, communicated complex problem statements for their thought leadership publications.

What’s more, the brand guidelines featured comprehensive directions on icon sets, photography, documents and presentations as well.

Since the brand launch and because of the client’s great work within their field, Digital Shadows have been featured in the Telegraph, Wired magazine and countless other publications.

Business Cards

Cyber-Duck were key at enabling Digital Shadows to take a user-centred design approach and helped us to rejuvenate our UI, too. They then helped us to create a new brand that’s really reflective of the cyber industry we thrive in.

Alastair Paterson CEO & Founder

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