Client Industry Year


B2C Brand, UX, customised CRM and ecommerce development to promote sales of international SIM cards 2011

Simply Mallorca Golf

Leisure User-friendly digital booking system for the golfing holiday provider 2011


Finance Strategy, UX and development of an award-winning CRM tailored for stock brokers 2011

Wood & Company Financial Services

Finance SaaS development for the investment research and publication engine 2011

The European Commission

B2C UX website design and development of a one-stop resource about the benefits of the EU 2010 CASE STUDY

Beltone Securities Brokerage

Finance Licensing Symble, our award-winning CRM with functionality tailored for stock brokers 2010


Leisure UX design and website development for the beverage research analysts 2010

City Concierge

B2B User-centred design and WordPress development to promote bookings for its corporate events 2010

Commercial International Bank

Finance Licensing Symble, our award-winning CRM with functionality tailored for stock brokers 2010

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Outside of the Bank of England

I simply recommend that clients choose Cyber-Duck. They helped us achieve not only awareness, but wider acceptance for the new £5. The team delivered an engaging website in 6 weeks.”

Head of Digital

The Bank of England

Antonia Mochan Headshot

It has been a real pleasure working with Cyber-Duck. They helped us breathe new life into subjects that usually seem a little dry - which was the ultimate goal of the project.”

Antonia Mochan

Head of Media, The European Commission

Sam Musk Headshot

Cyber-Duck’s user-focused approach transformed our site’s architecture. They brought all the Maxi brands under one website and created a user experience which fulfilled all stakeholder objectives.”

Sam Musk

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Maxinutrition

Headshot of Melanie Hardman, Ximbio

We selected Cyber-Duck following a competitive tender and have been delighted by the team’s dedication and Agile approach, delivering a great product in tight timelines and on budget.”

Melanie Hardman

Head of Ximbio, Cancer Research Technology