This year, Cyber-Duck has officially become an AdWords Certified agency with Google Partners. Here, I explain the benefits this can bring for our marketing clients. 

What Is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is a popular platform used for PPC (pay-per-click). Here, websites can create and place advertisements within the sponsored listings of a search engine, or any of their partner sites. Business owners only have to pay each time the user clicks an ad, and visits their website.

PPC is an effective way to connect with customers strategically, by directly creating ads that will appear for (and use) highly targeted keywords, relevant to your business and the services it offers. In turn, this will drive relevant traffic to your website; these users are more likely to convert, improving your return on investment.

Many businesses from around the globe have achieved tremendous success in boosting conversions (such as sales and enquiries) from incorporating Google AdWords into their business strategies.

How Can Adwords Help Your Business?

Google Partners is the official platform for industry leading innovators in the digital marketing and online advertising sector. To become an AdWords Partner, our team of expert marketers were put through a rigorous process of passing various certification exams. They had to prove their high aptitude for the various Google AdWords services we’ve offered to our clients over the years.

This qualification demonstrates that our talented team are well equipped to provide an exceptional Google AdWords management service. We can deliver online advertising campaigns to suit your needs. By curating and maintaining digital advertisements using (and bidding for) carefully chosen, business-relevant keywords, we can help you maximise conversions and return on investment. 

Do you need help with incorporating Google AdWords into your business strategy? Find out more about our marketing services, and get in touch with us.