Cyber-Duck is helping clients such as the European Union obtain critical user behaviour insight into their websites and apps using an in-house eye tracking service.

The Eye Tracker allows Cyber-Duck's consultancy and production divisions to dramatically enhance usability, conversion rates and ultimately ROI using features such as Gaze Plots, Retrospective Think-Aloud, and Areas of Interest.

Research at Harvard Business School by Professor Gerald Zaltman found that at least 95% of all human behaviour is subconscious; eye tracking allows us to see what users are really thinking before they make the click. Traditional ‘think aloud’ methods rely on people verbalising their actions – something that isn’t really possible with subconscious behaviour.

To get the most out of eye tracking it’s critical to capture natural interaction without disrupting the user. Danny Bluestone, Cyber-Duck’s CEO adds: “We use Retrospective Talk Aloud to record audio-visual input from the user after the task to gain further feedback on problematic areas of the interface”. For example, if a user failed to accept a friend request we would then replay the video to that individual and ask them to talk about their difficulty with the task. When combined with the eye trackers gaze data, the feedback video provides valuable insight to enhance decision-making.

By bringing in an in-house Eye Tracker, Cyber-Duck will enhance website, mobile and SaaS (Software as a Service) user experiences, saving clients substantial amounts of time throughout the development lifecycle. Khaled Weir, Cyber-Duck’s Web Strategist adds: “We have been using eye tracking since 2008 with much success and we are now privileged to be one of the only digital agencies in the world utilising eye tracking in-house. Our clients, who develop both web 2.0 websites, mobile apps and SaaS can benefit from Cyber-Duck’s eye tracking at a fraction of the cost”.

Cyber-Duck firmly believe that in order to obtain intelligent decision-making with eye tracking, it is imperative to use fully qualified ‘hands-on’ user centred design practitioners who are best suited to make critical project recommendations. Cyber-Duck utilise the eye tracker from the creative, and wireframing phases all the way to ongoing usability analysis and competitor benchmarking.

The eye tracker was purchased from Acuity, Tobii’s exclusive eye tracking distributor in the UK. Jon Ward, Director at Acuity, mentions: “We identified Cyber-Duck as a leader and pioneer in User Centred Design and were impressed with their methodology. We feel that their in-house eye tracker will compliment their UCD (User Centred Design) process dramatically."