Several of our Ducks appeared on Sky TV this past weekend, discussing our views on the present and future of digital transformation, how we achieve this for our clients, and how we have risen to the challenges of recent years, from adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic to increasing globalisation.

Businesses now operate in a landscape that has changed hugely in a relatively short space of time. The pandemic irrevocably changed consumer behaviour and business models in every industry, accelerating digital transformation and innovation at a rate never seen before. The need to adapt quickly was seen across our whole client base, with just one example being our work on Sport England’s #StayInWorkOut, when they had to pivot swiftly to an online model (read about this here). 

So, we were excited to be invited to share our expertise in Sky’s show The Digital Society, which screened this past Sunday, 10th July. Filming took place in our Elstree office earlier this year, with CEO Danny, Chief Production Officer Matt, Lead UX Designer Meera and Chief Growth Officer Siji exploring the main drivers of digital transformation. Two of our fellow digital innovators, ReferencePoint and Jaggaer, also made an appearance.

Danny Bluestone, CEO and Founder of Cyber-Duck, speaking about digital transformation in the Sky show.

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to talk about digital transformation and the issues that matter the most in our industry, examining them through the lens of user-centred innovation – a critical component of successful digital transformation. We covered a range of topics, from increasing globalisation and connectivity and the opportunities they breed, to the importance of sustainability and excellent UX design to reduce digital carbon emissions. 

Of course, digital transformation is about so much more than tech innovation, and we discussed the cultural and process related changes required for organisations to succeed in a digital world, such as embracing Agile working, which enables rapid adaptation to changing customer demands and competition.

We also talked through significant shifts in consumer behaviour, and how users increasingly base their buying decisions not only on technology and products, but also on shared values like inclusion and sustainability. Finally, we explored the various ways digital technology can help to overcome the biggest challenges faced by users and businesses, such as using personalisation to reduce tedious tasks and make the user experience more enjoyable.

This is an inspiring watch that will leave you in no doubt: the future of digital is looking bright. If you missed it this time around, don’t worry – you can watch the whole show right now on our YouTube channel. The episode will also be screening again on Saturday, 10th of August on Sky 182.