2012’s Digital Shoreditch is being acclaimed by critics and industry revellers as London’s greatest ever digital and tech festival. It therefore seems fitting that one of London’s greatest ever digital and tech agencies should be involved (I’m talking about Cyber-Duck if you hadn’t gathered). Cyber-Duck Production Director Matt Gibson has been invited to speak at the event on the subject of Adaptive Web Design.

The aim of Digital Shoreditch is to become as significant as SXSW by 2016. Having been to SXSW in consecutive years we appreciate the magnitude of this vision but having met the CEO of Tech City Eric van der Kleij – a key catalyst in the Digital Shoreditch movement, we fully advocate it and see it as being a great opportunity for Europe’s thriving tech community.

Cyber-Duck are leading the way when it comes to adaptive web design. If you are not aware of what this is then watch this 60 second video we created to explain it.




We have incorporated adaptive website designs into a variety of client projects such as the London Cardiovascular Clinic website, and we are now in the final stages of implementing it on our recently launched Cyber-Duck website (coming soon to a mobile or tablet near you), and in March we organised and hosted a London conference with leading experts in adaptive web design.

At Digital Shoreditch, Matt will be building upon a previous talk on ‘Adaptive Web Design – Does Size Matter?’ which looked in to adaptive web design from the perspective of a digital agency. This meant looking at how Cyber-Duck approached adaptive web design on a real client project from the pitch, through to how they handled the UX and design, the technical considerations and how they went about the technical implementation.

The seminar will cover the basics of adaptive web design and how it differs to responsive design, as well as looking at the execution of it from both a strategic and creative viewpoint. We are looking forward to getting involved, and encourage you to come along!

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