We recently descended yet again on General Assembly London. This time, we brought our ever-growing GDPR expertise to show how you can make a success of the impending data protection legislation. We were joined by David Farquharson of Ignition Law and Rebecca Turner of Trainline who also shared their keen insights.

The Digital Pond is our ongoing event series, where we share our knowledge and advise others on how to create digital products, campaigns and services that shine. But all of our efforts would be for nothing if we didn't comply with industry standards and regulations. That’s why, for the first Digital Pond of 2018, we focussed on the incoming General Data Protection Regulation. It is due to be enforced from May 25th 2018, so time is of the essence – ensuring your data processes are GDPR compliant is no easy feat! 

We had a range of speakers, with our CEO and founder Danny Bluestone returning to the Digital Pond for his first talk since July last year. He was joined by David Farquharson, the co-founder of Ignition Law, and Rebecca Turner, the Head of Compliance & Privacy at Trainline

Designing with GDPR

Danny kicked the night off with everybody’s favourite legislative piece, choosing to focus on how you should build and design products and services with GDPR in mind. 

His talk not only introduced GDPR, what it is and its implications, but it also offered practical solutions for preparing for its enforcement. Although others have highlighted the six principles of GDPR, Danny pointed out that it may in fact be easier to think of its three pillars: Transparency; Privacy; and Control. 

By focussing on these three areas, Danny argued that you would make good headway toward becoming GDPR compliant. He used examples that ranged from Just Eat to Monzo, Sainsbury’s to Tinder, to demonstrate the reach of data, who has good infrastructure in place already and who could improve it.

You can watch his talk below now.

The ICO 12 Step Guide to GDPR

Rebecca came to us on the night from Trainline to discuss how she had found making her organisation GDPR compliant. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but she had one stellar piece of advice: stick to what the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommends!

The ICO has a tonne of information available online, all of it of the highest quality. And as the ICO will be the enforcing body of the GDPR in the UK, you’d do well to listen to what it has to say.

Rebecca walked us through the ICO’s 12 Step Guide on the GDPR, highlighting the main areas you should focus on to achieve compliance. For more on the GDPR you can read our previous blogs on the GDPR here.

The GDPR: What You Need to Know

Following Rebecca was David Farquharson. David is the co-founder of Ignition Law, focussing on Corporate & Commercial and Employment sectors, and he is a reputed GDPR whizz. He works with entrepreneurs to ensure that those who are brave enough to challenge the status quo to achieve success can do so. David is an enabler of ‘change agents’, those who alter things for the good of the community.

It comes as no surprise then that David has spent a long time working with GDPR, learning it inside and out. During his talk, he showed us just how deep his understanding goes. He covered:

  • What the GDPR is
  • What happens if you don’t comply
  • Its implications for daily operations
  • How to ensure compliance

You can watch his talk below to find out all his insights from the night.

The Digital Pond Will Return

In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing the theme of the next Digital Pond event. You can keep up to date with all the goings on at Cyber-Duck by following us on Instagram or Twitter, or by liking our Facebook page.

But for a vague idea of what you can expect from the next Digital Pond, head over to our trends list for the 2018/19 financial year. We’ve highlighted the greatest tech, marketing and design trends we believe are the major areas to watch this year. Check it out!

You can also find out more about the GDPR in our handy guide at Navigate the GDPR Labyrinth.