Cyber-Duck and Boonspace are offering you the chance to win an iPod Touch with their new website...

Boonspace, Cyber-Duck’s latest web development, is an exciting new service that allows users to send virtual emotional gifts along with personalised cards, photos, audio and video messages to loved ones. A cash sum can also be attached to each Boonspace gift and sent securely via the internet so the recipient can choose a real gift to go along with their virtual one.

The service is perfect for those that find themselves away from home and the people that are important to them for long stretches of time. Boonspace makes it possible for people such as servicemen and women, students studying abroad, travellers and ex-pats to send something meaningful to family and friends who are far away.

As part of a series of promotions to mark the imminent launch of the Boonspace website on December 10th, anyone who signs up to Boonspace for free by November 30th will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a brand new 8G iPod Touch. All you need is a name and a valid email address and you could be receiving an early Christmas present.