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Heurix UX Audit

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What is Heurix

See if your website is up to scratch with Heurix.

Heurix (recently acquired by Cyber-Duck) is a free tool to rapidly uncover UX (user experience) issues - identifying areas that could negatively impact the digital experience you offer, and your digital performance. It uses best practice criteria to quickly evaluate the navigation, content, trustworthiness, interaction, forms, and search capabilities of websites and digital products.


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Democratising website evaluation

We believe that all websites should be accessible, inclusive and easy to use. Our vision is to democratise the website evaluation process, transforming Heurix into a comprehensive tool for marketers, product owners and UX professionals to audit their websites against best practice benchmarks.

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What’s next?

After completing your free Heurix UX audit we’ll walk you through the results and often recommend supplementing the audit with a full UX analysis run by one of our UX experts. This looks beyond generic insights and involves understanding your users, their need states and their goals in visiting your website.

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