We are excited to announce the start of a new project with GBG’s CitizenSafe, a certified identity verification provider with GOV.UK Verify. Cyber-Duck will lead an integrated marketing campaign, creating diverse, digitally engaging content to build consumer awareness and trust in the new brand. 

Following the demand for a more digitised government, GOV.UK Verify transforms how British citizens access national services. Transitioning from public beta to live this April, GOV.UK Verify invites users to validate their identity easily (yet securely) online. Choosing from a selection of certified companies, users complete the verification process just once, in around ten minutes. This opens a single account to access many government services quickly and safely: from tax returns, to benefits and allowances.

CitizenSafe is an electronic identity verification solution from GBG, the global specialists in identity data intelligence. Joining the GOV.UK Verify platform as a certified provider, CitizenSafe offers complete peace of mind to government service users, protecting their data and privacy.  

Working with CitizenSafe

Cyber-Duck was chosen to conceive and manage the integrated marketing campaign, building consumer awareness and trust in the CitizenSafe brand before facing the choice of providers on GOV.UK Verify. 

As the only provider with 12 years of experience in providing dedicated, secure identity verification services, CitizenSafe is the clear choice for individuals protecting their privacy online. But, our campaign is set to address a key issue together. As a new consumer brand for a well established B2B provider, we must strive to raise awareness and engagement with CitizenSafe. Other certified providers are well-established with consumers, though less experienced in verification.

GOVUK Verify copy

CitizenSafe is one of the certified  providers on GOV.UK, available for users to choose for their identity verification.

Our Integrated Marketing Campaign

Kicking off this month, Cyber-Duck is leading an integrated marketing strategy that targets that targets groups of GOV.UK users around relevant dates and specific needs; revealing the CitizenSafe brand when users are likely to require government service access.

Critically, all content will be adapted to digitally engaging formats – generating a digital eco-system that means CitizenSafe can support users navigating through complex government services. Examples will include infographics, downloadable guides, quizzes and CitizenCar, an upcoming iOS/Android app reminding users about MOT and insurance renewal. Drawing on our ISO accredited user-centred design process, Cyber-Duck also created CitizenSafe’s brand identity and new website.


We designed and developed CitizenSafe's branding and promotional website, alongside leading the marketing campaign. 

How Can We Help You?

We’re delighted to lead this fascinating marketing campaign with CitizenSafe. To find out how our interdisciplinary team can help grow your business, contact us to discuss a project – we’d love to help!