Cyber-Duck’s accredited approach means our team can understand and adapt to the context and environment effectively. Right now, that adaptability is more important than ever.

During the pandemic, plenty of our clients are focusing on conceiving strategic initiatives – which can be tricky to do remotely.

We’re ready to share our experiences and recommended approach for how you can ideate and collaborate creatively in this difficult climate, using our unique take on design sprints.

You’ll understand how to:

  • Prepare for remote workshops – ensuring the goals and setup are clear
  • Create collaboration principles – defining what to expect on how the project will run
  • Choose the right remote technology – using online tools to perform typical post-it-note activities

If the project is a new MVP or service, we could create a prototype within 1 week. The timeline will depend on the complexity of the proposition:

  • Day 1 – immersing ourselves in the business challenges
  • Day 2 – building an understanding of your users
  • Day 3 – ideating solutions for your users
  • Day 4 – creating and testing a prototype

If your product or service exists and you want to re-strategise, we recommend:

  • Week 1 – immersing ourselves in the business challenges
  • Week 2 – building an understanding of your users
  • Week 3 – ideating solutions for your users
  • Week 4 – creating and testing a prototype

The deliverable is a comprehensive output that summarises the insights from all workshops; the prototype; and usability testing conducted, and high-level plan with our recommendations for next steps.

Download our briefing today to find out how it’s done.

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