Cyber-Duck are pleased take you on a journey through Africa with the launch of the new “The Far Horizons” website.

The website allows users to take an in-depth look at a variety of luxury tours in Uganda or Rwanda, including their route and a detailed description of the activities on each day. It even allows for customisation and booking of tours.

The tours are a perfect opportunity to come face to face with animals you would usually only dream of seeing, such as Mountain Gorillas, Lions and Elephants. The company also gives you the chance to tour with Wildlife photographer and photojournalist, Peter Cunliffe, in which you can join him in some of his favourite areas. When The Far Horizons elected Cyber-Duck to reimagine their website and branding, they had a vision to create something visually stunning as well as highly information driven and functional for driving new sales. It was also important that the site was easily recognisable and different from its competition. The new website boasts an array of features, including an innovative filtering system to effectively narrow down the tours relevant to the user as well as extensive use and customisation of the Google Maps API to show a point on the map for each day of each tour.

The map displays a short snippet of information about each stage of the tour, as well as details on accommodation, dates and prices all without ever having to leave the page. Users also have the option to tailor each tour; add additional nights, additional activities, combine tours and private tours. Cyber-Duck incorporated Wordpress into the website as a CMS (Content Management System). This allows The Far Horizons team to easily update the content of their website. Within the CMS, any content on the site can be simply edited, including text on the maps. It also allows for easy adding or removing of new tours if required.

Cyber-Duck MD Danny Bluestone was thrilled with the latest website launch, stating: “This was a fun and rewarding project for the Cyber-Duck team, and the end result justifies the effort. Everyone was very eager to partake in the project and I feel we have achieved something highly functional and unique.” With The Far Horizons website now live, Cyber-Duck can concentrate their efforts on increasing the websites exposure through targeted SEO, as well as providing both support and maintenance of The Far Horizons website. The team at The Far Horizons are delighted with the website, saying:

 "To all of you at Cyber-Duck - thank you, thank you, thank you! Our selection process for web designers 7 months ago was a harrowing affair, with much soul searching and fingernails bitten to the quick. We are extremely pleased (and relieved!) that we went with you guys - the site is a triumph, and ticks all our boxes and more... We look forward to a fruitful relationship going forward for both companies, and are confident that the site will achieve it's ultimate aim - to generate us business and turn our fortunes around."

Patrick Shah, The Far Horizons