Introduction to the series

Writing great (Laravel) code is just a starting point for developers in a world where digital products affect how everyone does business. Watch the short introduction video to learn why developers need a far wider skillset to help deliver successful end-to-end enterprise scale projects and progress their careers in-agency or with their own start-up, and why you should sign up for the interactive masterclass series today.

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What you will learn

During this interactive Essential Skills Series you will learn about: 

  • The importance of building your communication and sales skills – from the pitch process to project sign-off

  • Why UX and accessibility considerations are critical to building (Laravel) products that people want to use and have long-term success

  • Running a successful discovery and project planning process based on strategic goals

  • How to manage scope creep by project roadmapping and agile project management

  • The importance of ‘working in the open’ and stakeholder management

  • How to write brilliant documentation that explains what you’re doing and why

And far more besides… 


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Why you should sign up

Delivering successful end-to-end enterprise -scale Laravel projects puts the developers that build them at the heart of organisations’ operational success. While some developers may find a niche working on pure code, increasingly developers play a business-critical role in helping to educate clients, project owners and wider stakeholders on the implications of what they want to develop and build - from pitch stage to final sign-off (and ideally, ongoing development relationship). Including the ever-present danger of just adding new features and building up technical debt.

Fulfilling this role requires a variety of essential project delivery skills that go far beyond delivering great code and into explaining the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of what’s being developed. Helping to manage expectations and minimising any nasty surprises.

This requires being able to communicate effectively with all types of stakeholders from Board members and marketers to designers to technical specialists; to understand the importance of accessibility, sustainability and user experience in first class compliant products; to put in place robust processes and documentation that provide maximum transparency, and to help ensure business strategy is continually aligned with the project roadmap.

This Essential Skills Series will set out best practice from the Cyber-Duck team’s in-depth experience of working in multidisciplinary teams delivering user-centred, accessible, enterprise-level digital products, and a decade-plus of successful Laravel projects, as Laravel’s first official UK Accredited Partner since 2012.

All Masterclasses incorporate an interactive Q&A session, allowing you to ask the experts on the shared challenges you face.

Cyber Duck team listening at a conference

Lesson Plan

  1. Code is not enough – why developers must wear multiple hats 
    Speaker: Sylvain Reiter (Chief Delivery Officer)
    Watch: available to watch on YouTube. 
  2. How developers can help deliver winning pitches and aid new business 
    Speaker: Tim Millson (New Business Director)
    Watchavailable to watch on YouTube. 
  3. Why strategy matters – how to interpret and challenge stakeholder needs 
    Speaker: Sylvain Reiter (Chief Delivery Officer)   

    Watchavailable to watch on YouTube.

  4. Building products people actually want to use – understanding the value of UX
    Speakers: Meera Rao (UX Lead) & David Murray (Solutions Architect) 
    Watch: available to watch on YouTube.

  5. Building products people actually can use – why all developers need to understand accessibility
    Speaker: Ramon Lapenta (Technology Lead)
    Watch: available to watch on YouTube.

  6. Measure twice, cut once – making planning scope of work successful

    Speaker: David Murray (Solutions Arcitect)
    Date: available to watch on YouTube.

Further dates and details of masterclasses in the Essential Skills Series will be provided, but will incorporate accessibility, planning successful scope of work, delivering great process and documentation, QA, testing and sign-off and more besides.