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Gareth Drew

Chief Technical Officer

Gareth leads the delivery and direction of technology at Cyber-Duck. He manages a team of passionate engineers to produce many different types of applications from end to end utilising the best-in-breed tools. 

Coming from a background of software and product development, Gareth is able to deliver features that customers can easily understand and use, while establishing a scalable backend that fulfils complex business requirements. He also tinkers in his own time, experimenting with Internet of Things along with other new and exciting tech to create fun applications.

Client highlights

  • Cadbury
  • cabot financial
  • This girl can
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We now have a website that truly reflects the Sport England of today, supporting our mission to ensure everyone benefits from the powerful impact getting active can have. ”

Zjan Shirinian Head of Editorial and Content, Sport England, This Girl Can


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    Techie of the Year

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    Cabot Financial

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    Production Team of the Year, Technology

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    Agency Team of the Year

Featured in

The Digital Pond is our web design and development event that’s incredibly popular in London, with 2,500 members and counting. Gareth spoke at our very first event on Node.JS, which was changing the way real-time web apps were built and developed at the time.

Gareth is a big supporter of PHP and Laravel – he drove our agency to sponsor Laracon EU and become the UK’s only Laravel Partner, benefitting from direct contact with Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel.

Gareth hosted a free workshop where you can come and learn how to build a user-friendly conversational user interface (CUI) for your website. Powered by Microsoft Azure’s Bot & Cognitive Services, we have recently built a proof of concept chatbot.

Gareth conceived and manages our annual Quack Hack – a weekend where the Ducks dream and develop proof of concepts in less than 36 hours. Last year, our winning team built AR augmented instructions for medication.


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