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Meera Rao

Lead UX Designer

Fundamentally, Meera is a problem solver; she believes design is powerful and can make a real consumer impact. Drawing on her past career in finance and deal pricing, she built an understanding of how businesses work and what drives them.

With just 2 years and 8 months’ experience in UX, Meera has made her mark at Cyber-Duck; two years into her role as a UX Designer with us, she has been promoted to a Senior level. Out of the office, her desire for creativity and real consumer impact led her to start an online store selling sustainable kids' clothing.

Client highlights

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Featured in

The content management ecosystem has developed at an incredible pace over the last two decades. This rapid progression means many users are left unaware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with the latest updates to market-leading content management systems (CMS) like Drupal. Meera joined our popular webinar to explore the top implications for UX.

Meera is passionate about usability testing – and she shared how it’s done for Junior UX Crunch, a popular event for young designers.


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