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Yahye Siyad

Diversity and Accessibility Lead

Yahye’s mission is to ensure accessibility is baked into every process at Cyber-Duck, from creating digital products that go beyond the standard accessibility guidelines, to making sure all employees and applicants have equal access to opportunities.

Born with a visual impairment, Yahye speaks English and Arabic, has travelled extensively throughout the world, and has lived in 4 countries, building a wealth of experience in different cultures and achieving many of his life goals along the way.

After gaining his master’s degree in International HR Management from the University of Westminster, London, with a focus on Diversity & Inclusion Training, Yahye went on to found Inclusive Horizons, a self-led social advocacy service in the remit of accessibility, inclusion and inspiration coaching. He is also a certified awareness trainer at the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and the author of The Unshakeable Will. He is currently planning for his PHD in Digital Inclusion.

Outside work, Yahye is a former Paralympic athlete, having represented the Men’s Team GB Goalball squad, as well as becoming the first visually impaired Certified Scuba Diver in the UAE.


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