Gareth Drew

Technical Director at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Gareth leads our development activities: ensuring technical projects are built using industry standards, with robust, flexible code that exceeds user requirements.

Gareth Drew

Technical expertise

Our Technical Director, Gareth has been captured by the urge to tinker with different products and systems since he was young; naturally studying for an MSc in Computer Science with Games Development. He first joined Cyber-Duck in 2011 as a talented developer, with technical expertise from working on large-scale, complex web applications for prominent organisations. 

Now, Gareth defines and oversees all development activities throughout implementation: including crucial decisions for the technology, structure and configuration of complex applications. Client feedback indicates he is the key to striking that difficult balance between building features that customers can easily understand and use, while establishing a scalable back-end to fulfill complex business requirements.

With over ten professionals with different skill-sets under his management, Gareth leads the way in developing consistent, high-quality solutions for clients. Raising development standards together, the team’s technical integration frequently wins awards, from Wirehive 100 to unBound Digital Hackathons.

Exploring the potential of the Internet of Things, Gareth and Benjamin led a popular workshop about connected animal robotics at MozFest.

Born to hack

For Gareth, innovation comes naturally. Pioneering our annual ‘Quack Hack’ hackathons, he’s passionate about supporting our creative research and development (R&D) efforts. He explores unique ideas and the latest technologies, informing digital products created for clients, or becoming campaigns in their own right.

For instance, he celebrated Christmas by experimenting with the Internet of Things: hacking a 6ft Santa decoration to dance and wish people a personal Merry Christmas over a live webcam, in response to their tweets. Powered by a complex system (combining NodeJs, Spark and the Twitter streaming API), our #makesantadance hashtag went down like a storm.

Out of the office, Gareth enjoys teaching workshops that stand out from the crowd. For Mozfest, he collaborated with Benjamin to run an Internet of Things themed workshop; coding robotic balls to model animal behavior, and create a ‘chatroom for robots’. He not only champions our junior developer placements throughout the year, but ensures even young students get the chance to work on ambitious projects, like building HTML5 games and apps.

Gareth was nominated for the hotly contested ‘Techie of the Year’ with the Wirehive 100 Awards for the last two years in a row.


Gareth loves leading teams to triumph at Hackathons, experimenting with bleeding-edge technologies. Out of the office, you’ll find him snowboarding, watching rugby, or any other sport that might be happening over a craft ale or two.

  • Hometown - Norwich
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Phone - Android
  • Favourite movie - Back to the Future
  • Favourite drink - White Horse, Village Idiot
  • Favourite food - BBQ (
  • Favourite sport/team - Rugby / Wasps
  • Favourite TV Show - Breaking Bad
Gareth enjoys heading to the slopes with his GoPro, on snowboarding trips.

i Gareth enjoys heading to the slopes with his GoPro, on snowboarding trips.

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