Extensive digital transformation project for a loan service

In 2015, the responsible lender of flexible loans MYJAR wanted to implement a full rebrand and digital transformation to better communicate its ethical values to its users. Our user-centred design approach and technical solutions saw MYJAR achieve a 61% conversion rate on their new sign-up funnel.

Key stats


customer experience satisfaction


conversion rate


mobile uptake

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When MYJAR approached Cyber-Duck to handle their digital transformation, they were known as TxtLoan. The company provided quick short-term loans via text message, but they wanted to rebrand and expand their online presence.

After a spell of negative press for payday loan services at the time, TxtLoan had sought a full rebrand with a third party London agency. They became MYJAR, the loan service that is committed to treating its customers fairly at all times. But to communicate this message, MYJAR needed an expert UX partner with the in-house technical capacity to implement the new brand, UX strategy, fully dynamic sign-up and application form, technical API integrations to their back-office risk engine and combine it all with enterprise-level analytics.

Cyber-Duck was tasked with conducting user research to find the best way to present the new brand. Then, following our iterative user-centred design process and lean technological experience. We set out to:


Improve customer satisfaction levels by promoting MYJAR’s fair policies.


Leverage the new brand with a new UX strategy to increase conversions.


Build a new CMS so MYJAR could easily update content to improve the UX.


Use Laravel to develop a modular API to bring the platform to users across many touchpoints.

Bringing User-Centred Design to MYJAR

Whilst we were developing the new UX and systems, we were also assisting with the new brand experience. Before we could develop a new website we needed to define how users would interact with it. We conducted user research to identify key user concerns. We interviewed the stakeholders at MYJAR using Design Thinking brainstorming and real users to understand the problems customers routinely faced.

A major concern was whether or not MYJAR was fair to its customers. Therefore, we understood that the new website had to promote MYJAR’s ethical policies. In addition, we would have to present pertinent information to build trust with the user. We chose to highlight MYJAR’s commitment to customer care by answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the homepage. We also gave prominence to FAQs in the nav bar as we identified this was a high-traffic area of the website.


Once we had identified core user needs and translated those needs into our designs, we had to scientifically test the performance of our designs with real users.

Real data is what will edge users closer to converting, so that’s why we met, tested and discussed our designs with real people. We asked users to complete routine and specialist tasks and analysed their performance. Eye and mouse-tracking equipment also provided us with further data. 

After aggregating and analysing the results of our usability tests, we were able to tweak our designs for MYJAR with clearer labels, more prominent CTA and clear progression bar through the application stage. The result is an optimised, user-centred experience that reassures customers and encourages conversions.




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Choosing the Right Technical Architecture

To propel the brand forward and ensure the security of customers’ data as they shared financial information on the site, we had to develop the right technical architecture.

Cyber-Duck led a software engineering project to develop a modular API-driven approach using the Laravel open-source PHP framework. It gave us the flexibility to build the business logic layer and ensure the product was available and seamless across numerous touch-points.


We also integrated an API into MYJAR’s back-end system to process the application. Likewise, we plugged-in a new CMS for MYJAR, allowing them to easily update content themselves and run A/B tests on the dynamic application form.

This technical offering means MYJAR can now tailor its marketing output to customers’ changing needs. Combined with a user-centred design, their new website and brand would surely be a hit with consumers.

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In about 4 months, we delivered a responsive, user-centred website and dynamic API-driven application form that showcased MYJAR’s new brand. As the project was KPI-driven, measuring the success of the project was simple. Before long, it was clear that we had succeeded in our objectives, achieving a 61% conversion rate based on completion of a user-friendly 5-step application form.

Similarly, users found it easier than ever to access MYJAR’s services on the go: now, 65% of users visit and use the website from their smartphones and tablets.

Elsewhere, the customer experience satisfaction score saw a dramatic increase. The NPS score rose to 96%, an increase of over 10%. Clearly, MYJAR’s new brand and responsive website resonated with customers, who connected with its fair approach to short-term loans.

Key stats


customer experience satisfaction


conversion rate


mobile uptake