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Smart Currency Exchange

User experience research and testing for the currency platform

Smart Currency Exchange ensures the process of foreign exchange is short and simple. By giving a user total control over the process, they reduce the risk. Leveraging our expertise in inclusive, user-centred designs, Cyber-Duck became the digital discovery partner.



As currencies fluctuate, negotiating the currency markets can be a daunting experience for users with large purchases, such as buying a property abroad.

Smart Currency Exchange works closely with clients to create a strategy for their transfer, which ensures they can secure the best rate possible for a one-off or series of payments.

They planned to redesign their B2C platform, informed by new research into their users’ wants and needs. Cyber-Duck was engaged to carry out user research and an audit on their new prototype platform. Our objectives were to:

  1. Ensure Smart Currency Exchange had a deep understanding of their users.
  2. Conduct a full UX audit to analyse the accessibility and usability of the new platform.

User-centred design strategy

By running a key stakeholder workshop, we uncovered Smart Currency Exchange’s vision, opinions and expectations. The new platform must increase the usage, reduce the calls to agents and enable new partners.

Together, we created proto-personas for B2C, Private Client and B2B; the project focused on the first two, and we validated the initial assumptions through interviews.

We built a deep audience understanding for Smart Currency Exchange through producing a detailed journey map for the digital and marketing touchpoints. The design for the new portal was assessed against the 10 Usability Heuristics, accessibility and relevance to their brand, content and messaging.


The final platform

We implemented our data-driven recommendations, moving from sketches and prototypes to a fully-fledged art direction. Key screens included:

  • Home
  • My transfers
  • My recipients
  • Add recipients
  • Make a new transfer
  • Book a recurring transfer
  • Onboarding tour

Once the designs were validated through usability testing, we handed over our work to Smart Currency Exchange’s team through a comprehensive functional specification. We enjoyed immersing ourselves into the currency market platform, and look forward to seeing our work being implemented.

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