Client Industry Description Year View Case Study

Institute of the Motor Industry

Automotive Brand strategy to unify the products and services of the professional automotive association 2014 CASE STUDY

Cancer Research Technology

Healthcare Branding, UX design and development of a crowdsourced marketplace for scientific research tools 2014 CASE STUDY

BAM Sustainability

Construction Animated user-centred website development to illustrate BAM's commitment to sustainability 2014 CASE STUDY

MWR InfoSecurity

Infosec Brand and UX strategy to position and unify the house of cybersecurity brands 2014 CASE STUDY

Balfour Beatty

Construction UX strategy and design for the intranet portal, a knowledge base for their entire USA operation 2014


Leisure Eyetracking and usability study on the behalf of BBC Watchdog into dark patterns in ecommerce 2014


Infosec Marketing strategy and UX optimisation for the global SAP consultancy 2014

Cambridge English

Education UX strategy, design and development of an educational game for international children 2014

Helsinn Integrative Care

Healthcare Marketing, UX design and website development for the integrative cancer care organisation 2014

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