Client Industry Description Year View Case Study

Design Bridge

Agency Internal web-based interactive interface to present storytelling vision for a client 2015


Healthcare UX design and website development to spearhead lead generation for the science research company 2015


Infosec UX design and website development to reflect the prestige of the business intelligence firm 2015


Property SaaS for one of the first online estate agent portals, including booking system and conveyancing process 2015


Leisure Ongoing support and website upgrades for the global film and movies services directory 2015

Pint of Science

Education UX, SEO and CMS migration to support the 70% growth of the science research festival 2015

Risk Finance

Finance User-centred prototype development for key workflows of a new insurance tool 2015

Swift Money

Finance Responsive retrofit for the website of the short term financial lender 2015

Arsenal Double Club

Education UX and website development for their educational charity programme that teaches languages 2014 CASE STUDY

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