Client Industry Year

Risk Finance

Finance User-centred prototype development for key workflows of a new insurance tool 2015

Swift Money

Finance Responsive retrofit for the website of the short term financial lender 2015

Arsenal Double Club

Education UX and website development for their educational charity programme that teaches languages 2014 CASE STUDY

Institute of the Motor Industry

Automotive Brand strategy to unify the products and services of the professional automotive association 2014 CASE STUDY

Cancer Research Technology

Healthcare Branding, UX design and development of a crowdsourced marketplace for scientific research tools 2014 CASE STUDY

BAM Sustainability

Construction Animated user-centred website development to illustrate BAM's commitment to sustainability 2014 CASE STUDY

MWR InfoSecurity

Infosec Brand and UX strategy to position and unify the house of cybersecurity brands 2014 CASE STUDY

Balfour Beatty

Construction UX strategy and design for the intranet portal, a knowledge base for their entire USA operation 2014


Leisure Eyetracking and usability study on the behalf of BBC Watchdog into dark patterns in ecommerce 2014

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Outside of the Bank of England

I simply recommend that clients choose Cyber-Duck. They helped us achieve not only awareness, but wider acceptance for the new £5. The team delivered an engaging website in 6 weeks.”

Head of Digital

The Bank of England

Antonia Mochan Headshot

It has been a real pleasure working with Cyber-Duck. They helped us breathe new life into subjects that usually seem a little dry - which was the ultimate goal of the project.”

Antonia Mochan

Head of Media, The European Commission

Sam Musk Headshot

Cyber-Duck’s user-focused approach transformed our site’s architecture. They brought all the Maxi brands under one website and created a user experience which fulfilled all stakeholder objectives.”

Sam Musk

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Maxinutrition

Headshot of Melanie Hardman, Ximbio

We selected Cyber-Duck following a competitive tender and have been delighted by the team’s dedication and Agile approach, delivering a great product in tight timelines and on budget.”

Melanie Hardman

Head of Ximbio, Cancer Research Technology