Anton Kreil, star of BBC2’s ‘Million Dollar Traders’ and one of the UK’s most intriguing business men, has launched his own blog.

The Challenge

Kreil needed Cyber Duck to build him a blog that would allow him to keep in touch with his contemporaries as well as his growing fan base and provide him with an arena to share his thoughts, business ideas and information on up-coming ventures. In design, the blog needed to reflect something of Kreil’s personality as well as his job. It had to be visually engaging, exciting user’s interests as soon as they reach the site.

The Solution

Cyber-Duck created a clean and uncluttered skin for the blog. The design team put together a detailed and visually entertaining banner, incorporating various aspects of Anton’s professional life including a share graph, the BBC and Hablib (Anton’s online property company, for which Cyber Duck is building the website) logos and the London skyline, stretching through the main business district out to Canary Wharf.

We implemented a clever and quirky widget to download up-to-date share information into a scrolling bar across the webpage, adding further visual interest. We implemented full comment functionality into the site, allowing users to communicate easily with Anton. The blog is also wired into Kreil’s Twitter account so he can keep users updated quickly on issues that do not require a full blog posting.

Based on copy that Anton Kreil provided, Cyber-Duck also implemented an ‘About Anton’ section, detailing his early life, how he became a trader and his decision to move on to pastures new accompanied by photographs and graphics.

The Result

Anton Kreil’s blog has quickly become a buzzing hive of activity. Drawing in hundreds of users off the back of the incredibly successful first series of “Million Dollar Traders,” the blog is alive with comments from regular users. The overall feel of the site is clean, uncluttered with a very corporate and professional feel, reflecting the nature of Kreil’s career. Learn more about Anton Kreil and his astonishing career at Anton Kreil Online.