For modern businesses with big ambitions to succeed in a competitive market, it’s vital to have the right digital tools, processes and platforms in place. With outstanding usability, flexibility, scalability and continuous evolution, we believe Laravel is one of the best frameworks for delivering brilliant products, application and platforms that can fulfil business requirements and deliver great user experience.

Although Laravel is more than capable of meeting complex, ever-growing business demands, success – and scalability does not rest on the choice of web framework alone. The ability to leverage Laravel effectively depends on carefully aligning long-term business strategy and technical development. With ongoing product management, communication, documentation, and maintenance all crucial to optimise your Laravel project and get the best from your development team. 

Cyber-Duck chose Laravel as its preferred web framework more than a decade ago in 2012, and was Laravel’s first official UK Partner. We’ve built dynamic Laravel applications for global clients across a range of industries at every stage of growth and development, and successfully carried out several major Laravel rescue projects. In other words, we’ve gained a wealth of experience and understanding of what makes a Laravel project successful, continually learning along the way.  

In this white paper, you’ll discover 10 key insights we’ve gathered from this hard-won experience. It’s a resource for Laravel stakeholders, product owners and product leads to understand how they can work most effectively with their Laravel development team, maximise ROI and deliver on their business objectives. 


Key Takeaways

Download our guide to learn about:

  • Aligning Laravel projects with business vision and strategy

  • Taking a user-centred approach to reach your business goals

  • How software architecture is a critical component of success

  • The importance of communication and collaboration between teams

  • Documenting processes for greater transparency and trust

  • Investing in upgrade and version migration strategies

  • Iterative development and roadmaps

  • Keeping your ecosystem well-maintained and up to date

  • Adding value and saving time with automation

  • Utilising the support and expertise of the Laravel community

Download your free white paper below now and, remember, we’re always here to discuss how we can help and futureproof your Laravel project.

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Partnership with Laravel

Cyber-Duck is proud to be Laravel’s first UK Partner, having been a Laravel agency since 2012, contributing to core features and packages, as well as building, scaling and rescuing major Laravel projects for global clients. 

Laravel Partner