Cyber-Duck are pleased to announce that the EU’s new UK website has fully launched.

Cyber-Duck have launched their second website in as many weeks with the EU’s new UK website. The new website is based on the booklet "What's In It For Me?", a brochure aimed at providing information on how the EU helps Briton’s in their everyday lives, as well as being easily accessible to anyone else looking to learn more about the EU.

Press Conference

On Monday, members of the Cyber-Duck team, including MD Danny Bluestone, attended the official press conference along with the head of the European Commissions UK Office, which attracted journalists from the BBC, New Media Age and Information World Review. Cyber-Duck’s Production Director, Matt Gibson, conducted and presented the day’s press conference, tackling a variety of questions from the media about the website’s functionality and user experience as well as the reasons behind the site’s inception.

The EU – What’s in it for me? Homepage

The EU’s new UK website attracted a great deal of media attention.

The Website

The challenge for the EU was that Britons did not fully understand the implications of EU decisions on the UK, with 83% of Britons declaring they knew little or nothing about the EU. The new website provides an attractive, engaging and interactive environment for people to explore relevant issues and make up their own minds. The website is made up of five key sections, each designed to inform and engage the user:

  • What the EU does
  • The EU in my area
  • EU Myths
  • About Us
  • News and Reviews

The project involved the use of Cyber-Duck’s specialist eye-tracking equipment, with which a range of users were tested on several tasks. The resulting data enabled us to ensure the final site provided the best possible user experience. The site also integrates social media such as Twitter and Facebook and has been designed to comply with guidelines on accessibility.


Antonia Mochan, the European commission’s project manager said, “it was a real pleasure working with Cyber-Duck. Their creative skills helped us breathe new life into subjects that usually seem a little dry - which was the ultimate aim of the project. We hope people will find the website a useful source of down-to-earth information, which will help them in their daily lives."

Danny Bluestone, MD of Cyber-Duck said, “We hope that this new website proves to be a useful resource for anyone looking to find out more about the EU. The EU and Me, like all Cyber-Duck productions, was designed with the user in mind throughout the process to enable users to interact with it in an engaging and interesting way, whilst encouraging users to share and disseminate content on their social networks.”