The Cyber Duck team has put together a heavenly new eCommerce website for Christian jewellery and gifts company, Beatitudes Cross.

The Challenge

Beatitudes Cross had a beautiful range of unique religious jewellery, including Christian rosary beads, christening spoons and holy necklaces. Each piece features a sterling silver Beatitudes Cross containing a capsule filled with genuine water from the River Jordan, where Christ was baptised, and sand from the foot of the Mount of the Beatitudes, where Christ gave many of his most famous teachings.

Beatitudes Cross needed a new website with full eCommerce functionality. The design had to be clean and simple with an innate modesty and reverence for the inner meaning of the jewellery. Detailed photography and descriptions of each product were required to make it simple for customers to choose which holy necklace or Christian rosary was right for them. The site also had to showcase the history behind the Beatitudes Cross, the biblical importance of The Mount of the Beatitudes and the significance the Holy Land still has to Christians today.

The Solution

Cyber Duck created a fresh and ethereal design for the new website, incorporating the original scripture from the Gospel of St Matthew into the subtle, yet powerful flash banner designs. A simple navigation was implemented to make browsing the website easy and interesting. 3D photography illustrates each piece from every angle.

Videos were created using footage shot on location in the Holy Land so customers can see where their jewellery was made. Cyber Duck made the website accessible to a global market by allowing customers to shop in Pounds Sterling, American Dollars and Euros as well as implementing various payment facilities including Google Checkout, PayPal and various debit and credit cards.

The Outcome

The new Beatitudes Cross website is clean and easy to use. The simple design reflects the nature of the products and allows the jewellery to speak for itself. The website has a professional finish, unlike many other Christian jewellery websites which are often ugly and difficult to use with no eCommerce functionality. For more information or to browse the magnificent range of Christian jewellery and holy necklaces available, visit Beatitudes Cross today.