The latest Cyber-Duck masterpiece, “City Concierge” has been unveiled today.

The website offers a range of luxury corporate hospitality packages to popular events throughout the calendar year. These include concerts, the theatre, premieres and sporting events, allowing the user to book from a range of bespoke offerings.

City Concierge contacted Cyber-Duck to design a website that would portray the high standard of service which they strive to uphold. They also wanted the concierge website to be clearer and easier to navigate, which meant the Cyber-Duck team had to utilise their award winning user experience expertise in order to create a website full of easily accessible information.

The new website can boast several useful features, including a virtual concierge service. This new feature enables other concierges to book a range of services together, based on the individual requirements of the user or their clients. The concierge gets their own customised website, where they can book events or services. Also worthy of note is the Wordpress CMS (Content Management System), which allows the City Concierge team to easily update the ever changing content of their website. Within the CMS, any content on the site can be simply edited, whilst allowing for easy adding or removing of concerts, theatre productions and sporting events.

Cyber-Duck’s Danny Bluestone was delighted with the website, stating: “The City Concierge website is looking great, and I think everyone would agree that it is a real improvement in a lot of areas. It has been great to work with Terry and the team as they supported our award winning philosophy throughout the project, making the end product a resounding success”.

The City Concierge team were more than impressed with their new website: “Our new website is better than we had ever envisioned it, and it is a real testament to the hard work of the Cyber-Duck team. At City Concierge we pride ourselves on offering the best hospitality service in the market, and now we can boast one of the best corporate hospitality websites to accompany it. It has been a pleasure to work with Danny and his team, as they provided us with a lot of advice, and were always able to deal with any requests in a quick and efficient manner.”