Cyber-Duck have been awarded the prestigious ‘Best in Class’ award at the IMA (Interactive Media Awards) for the production of the Vinifera Boutique website.

To gain the award of Best in Class our performance had to surpass the standards of excellence that comprise the webs most professional work. The site was honoured specifically for excellence in the food and beverage industries. We managed to score an impressive 487 (out of 500) for the production of the website, with our scores for Feature Functionality and Standards Compliance & Cross-Browser Compatibility being the particular highlights.

A breakdown of the result is shown in the below table:

Category Our Score Maximum Score
Design 96 100
Content 97 100
Feature Functionality 98 100
Usability 97 100
Standards Compliance & Cross-Browser Compatibility 99 100

Our pride at winning this award was increased further by the revelation that we beat off strong competition for the award including the likes of Starbucks, Pepsi, Carte D’or, Waitrose and Magnum. The achievement of this award signifies Cyber-Duck’s intentions to solidify their position as a leading Digital Agency and with every new award we receive come renewed vigour to ensure that our clients get best possible service.