This week the ducks returned fresh from their Jubilee celebrations and started to prepare ourselves for the impending 2012 European Championships.

We also have news on and LinkedIn who were both victims of hack attacks this week and Microsoft announced the launch of Xbox SmartGlass.

Firstly this week, music streaming website and the popular social media website LinkedIn were both victims of a password breach as both websites appeared to leak a number of their user's passwords. appeared to email their users asking them to update their passwords; however it has since been revealed that these emails were part of the spam attack. have gone on record to say

"We will never email you a direct link to update your settings or ask for your password. We strongly recommend that your new password is different to the password you use on other services."

This breach comes just a day after 6.5 million LinkedIn users had their passwords published online after they were victim of a similar email scam. Again LinkedIn users have been advised to change their passwords at the next possible opportunity to ensure the safety of your private data. 

Microsoft has officially unveiled Xbox SmartGlass, a service which allows tablet computers and smartphones to communicate with your Xbox video console. The new feature will allow users to control games via their touchpad device, as well as monitor extra information. It will also allow handhelds to act as controllers via the firm’s internet explorer web browser which will launch on the console later on in the year.

The team is still excited about the 3 apps which were developed two weeks ago at our the official Cyber-Duck hackathon named QuackHack. This week, an official QuackHack press release went out announcing all of our new apps to the world wide web.

That’s it for this week! We’re all off to watch the start of the Euro Championships. Enjoy your weekend.

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