Since our successful work with Mitsubishi Electric UK Living Environment Systems on The Hub last year, we’ve been hard at work on a new, user-friendly website for the leading provider of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. After months of progress, the website finally launches today.

With nearly a hundred years of experience under its belt, there’s no company more reliable or innovative than Mitsubishi Electric when it comes to delivering high-quality environmental and energy products. The UK arm of the Living Environment Systems division, provides proven solutions to efficiently heat, cool and ventilate internal environments. In fact, our own dedicated building is cooled and heated by one of Mitsubishi Electric’s own systems.

Mitsubishi Electric has a range of products and services for a lot of different business sizes, professionals and even end users. After almost 5 years of edits to their prior website, it had become over-complicated and needed clearer, simpler access paths to help visitors find relevant information quickly.

All that changes today. Cyber-Duck has worked on a brand new, user-centric website for Mitsubishi Electric which is now live.

Mitsubishi Electric's new website is now live. See its new user-centred design for yourself.

Simplifying the Content Strategy

If I’m to summarise the biggest issue with Mitsubishi Electric previous website, it’s that it overcomplicated the user journey and was difficult to navigate and access content.

Our task was to simplify Mitsubishi Electric’s content strategy and information architecture. But this wasn’t just as easy as reordering the content because Mitsubishi Electric also wanted a multi-audience approach that simplified user experience. All this, while still providing access to the comprehensive information its primary audience of installers and engineers would need.

Alongside our simplified content strategy, which brought the information users needed to where they expected it to be, we also built a new CMS to help Mitsubishi Electric meet their marketing objectives. This CMS features a bespoke plugin that allows Mitsubishi Electric to create new pages from pre-developed blocks. Likewise, they can now change content – including copy and images – as and when the business needs it.

The great thing about our plugin is that it requires little to no input from developers once the page blocks have been created. Marketers simply pick and choose the blocks they need to deliver their message, place them together however they see fit and publish the page full of content. Simple, dynamic and cutting-edge. 

Not only is the user experience behind the website now significantly enhanced for the company, we’ve also amplified Mitsubishi Electric marketing capabilities. The new website comes replete with Google Tag Manager (GTM), a robust tool that empowers marketers to customise the tags they use to track user journeys across their website without the need for developer time. Therefore, the company’s marketing team can now tailor their online marketing tactics to what their users want and need.

To produce this website in partnership with our client, we followed Cyber-Duck’s accredited user-centred design (UCD) and data-driven design methodology. If you’d like to find out more, check out our case study for our work with Mitsubishi Electric.

A Revitalised Online Presence

The new website is sleek, modern and projects an aura of confidence and reliability – a true reflection of the quality of Mitsubishi Electric products.

We’re thrilled that the new website is live – the project has been very challenging, but exciting for that. You can head over to Mitsubishi Electric's new website now to check it out for yourself.

If you like what you see and believe we could help revolutionise the user experience, brand and technology that underpins your digital campaigns, be sure to check out our services. You can contact us to find out more – we’re always happy to help.