Exciting news from our meetup group The Digital Pond this week as we announce the location of our next event, the Node.js showcase. We’re so excited about the progression of real-time technologies like Node.js, so decided to create a meetup event so that anyone can come and show off their skills.

It’s going to be a laid back affair (with free beer and pizza) – feel free to pop along to our meetup page to sign up – you don’t have to be a Node.js whizz to come, and it won’t cost you a thing!

We thought it was high time we gave a ‘tache update’ after 11 days of our ‘Movember’ challenge for the Prostate Cancer charity. If you want to contribute to a great cause then you can visit the Movember page and donate.

We’re working on a really interesting new project in the form of RiteSim. The company will offer the chance for business travellers, holiday makers and students to purchase and top up pay as you go sim cards from various countries online. Cyber-Duck will be working with the company to produce a fully customised Magento-based e-commerce website, featuring a back-end with stock management, bespoke reports and accounting.

We launched our latest mobile app this week, a glass thickness calculator for Optima. It’s an indispensable accessory for architects and surveyors and allows them to calculate correct glass thickness by entering load and height figures. You can download it from the app store now.

Industry News

Slightly shocking news came earlier this week with the news that our old friends Adobe will no longer be creating new versions of Flash for mobile. Could this be the beginning of the end for Flash on the web too? Perhaps it’s too early to speculate but it’s certainly interesting for the future of the mobile industry.

It was announced from Steam earlier in the week that there has been a security breach in their forums, leading to credit card information of their users. The details were encrypted but it has been advised that users should change their password and monitor credit card activity as a precaution.

Google has launched the next phase in its social plan with the inception of Google+ pages. The pages are much like those on Facebook and are aimed squarely at businesses. Interestingly though, the company has pointed out in the terms and conditions of the service that they will not be allowing promotions or competitions. Speculation suggests that the company is looking to avoid possible legal trouble in the future, but could this limit the marketing potential of the service?

An official from Google was also quoted as saying this week that Google+ is not designed to directly compete with Facebook. According to Nikesh Arora, the company’s Chief Business Officer, “it is a platform which allows us to bring social elements into all the services and products that we offer.”

You might remember from last week’s update that several members of the team were going off to #MozFest over the weekend; well they came back full of stories and knowledge from the big Mozilla event in London. One big talking point was Popcorn.js, a javascript library built for “anyone who wants to create time-based interactive media on the web”. Other notable points of interest include the open source web badge project ‘Open Badges’ from Mozilla and technological developments in web based journalism.

During the event, some of the Cyber-Duck team spent time working on our latest Node.js DuckLab project, ‘CoffeeLottery’ - more about this soon. Gareth and John also went to a talk from creator of HTML5 Canvas, Node.js game ‘Rawkets’, Rob Hawkes on how to easily make a single player game into multi-player, featuring some live coding from the Mozilla Technical Evangelist. 

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