In our latest SEO and online marketing industry update article, Cyber-Duck's SEO experts discuss the implications of Google Universal Search and the growth of user generated video content sites such as YouTube.

In recent months there have been considerable changes within the search engine and online marketing arena. Google, Windows Live Search, and Yahoo (the top three search engines) have updated their search algorithms (the DNA that dictates what sites rank at the top) so quality content, navigation and design play a more important role than ever. More interestingly, Google have both now started to implement video (from into their main search results with potentially massive implications for future search engine marketing strategies.

New potential for online video marketing

Google's acquisition of YouTube back in November last year (2006) was well publicised in the press at the time with claims it cost $1.65 billion in Google stock. In the USA Google are already displaying 'YouTube' videos in their main web search results and this could mean big news for SEO industry.

It is evident that video clips (and rich media) on user-generated-content sites such as YouTube will increasingly be used as a tool for increasing search result rankings and thus traffic to a site. Obviously, this is quite significant news for Website owners /marketers' and businesses and presents a major shift in search engine algorithms.

Whilst strong and clear textual content, user-centric design and ensuring that you have many quality and relevant links pointing to your site should be the first point of action regarding search engine optimisation and online marketing, this new phenomenon of Video Clips/ Rich Media certainly opens new possibilities. Some would argue that with concise viral video clips on YouTube (with well-selected keywords and well-written descriptions) you are advertising to a potentially huge audience as you are gaining additional web users (through both the YouTube platform, and Google search) along with the influx of TV viewers who are moving over to 'YouTube' for entertainment and educational purposes.

In SEO terms, creating video clips with business related content can be seen as a 'new' form of online marketing / and PR targeting millions of users worldwide. Video results on search engines are definitely a revolution and as such Cyber-Duck are adapting innovative online marketing practices. Over the next 6 months Cyber-Duck are producing short video clips with unique content with relevant topics for our premium clients on SEO retainer services.