An exciting launch from Cyber-Duck with its latest iPad application, allowing for impressive product demonstrations.

Back in October 2010, Cyber-Duck were commissioned to design an innovative, user-friendly native app to provide a fast and efficient new way for Optima to present its products. The app is now complete, and heading for launch this week!

The innovative idea enables iPad users to instantly access extensive technical guides and manuals on Optima’s wide range of products and systems, rather than searching through various printed brochures. The app offers full designer guides, marketing brochures, featured Optima projects, an interactive 3D product explorer, project videos and animations as well as a full product gallery. 

Christian Mabey, Optima National Sales & Marketing Manager said: “This is an exciting and inventive way for Optima Systems to present our core products and company values to our clients. We want clients and prospective clients to benefit from the convenience and portability that comes with presenting Optima products through a native app.”

First impressions are of upmost importance in pitch meetings, so not only is this application useful for the Optima sales team; it also presents a great image of the company as cutting edge innovators with expert knowledge. The app also helps to promote Optima’s environmentally ethical practices by reducing its reliance on printed brochures and sales material.

In this case we made the decision to create a native, rather than web based application. This means that all relevant documents are stored on the device, meaning they can still be accessed whilst offline; ideal for sites or offices without a 3G or WiFi signal. Initially the app will only be available to Optima’s sales team, with a full version being made available for clients to download directly in the future.

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