This week Cyber-Duck has launched a brand new website for office recycling company, Paper Round.

Paper Round’s old website was dull, tired and failing to get users interested in their long-term services. Monthly enquiry stats were low and customers nearly always opted for their one-off services. Paper Round needed a new, fresh site that was user-friendly and really conveyed to customers how fantastic Paper-Round’s service options are.

The Challenge

  • Create a fully-functional website that allows users to choose and create a profile based on company size and recycling requirements. Members should then have access to their own login area.
  • Convey large amounts of recycling information in a concise and easy-to-digest and engaging manner.
  • Put together a fresh website design with simple-to-use navigation and engaging graphics.
  • Instil brand confidence in every user.

The Solution

Users can choose from three tailor-made recycling profiles to best suit their office’s needs. There is a pay-as-you-go option for smaller businesses or for those that would like to try the service out before committing.

Cyber-Duck put together a simple and engaging design to help users understand the way in which each profile differs and which is best for their business. Pay-as-you-go users can also join online without having to lodge an enquiry. This method of separating user groups has helped to seriously speed up the enquiries process, giving users a better experience. Users can also buy their recycled stationary from a miniature ecommerce shop set up within the website.

The Result

Paper Round now has a cool, clean new website, built from a user-centric perspective. The fun graphics clearly demonstrate what each service is about and liven up the design. Juicy lime tones convey a green way of live while flash icons convey information in a space-saving and engaging manner. Within three days of going live the site received a staggering amount of enquiries (more in three days than the old site did per month).

Visit Paper Round online to explore their recycling services.