Exciting times here at Cyber-Duck: after nearly 11 years of leasing, six further years of renting and a lot of planning, we’ve finally taken the major step of purchasing our Elstree office. We couldn’t be happier that this very special building finally belongs to us, giving us more freedom to create the sustainable, flexible workplace of the future that we need to continue growing in 2022 and beyond.

A space for hybrid working

Our team have been hybrid working from the inception of Cyber-Duck in 2005, and it’s remained a huge part of our ethos. Before 2020, 15% of our team were remote, with many Ducks based overseas. Post-pandemic, more of us than ever before work from home, and this is set to continue.

However, we still believe in the value of face-to-face meetings and collaboration To achieve that, we needed a headquarters that was well positioned both for our team and for our prestigious client base. Now that we have purchased the Elstree building, we have the freedom to create dedicated space for both remote and face-to-face work and activities.

Our vision is that the Elstree office will be a welcoming destination where clients and Ducks can meet for product and service demos, marketing brainstorms, research and development showcases, and other activities which call for face-to-face interaction. Workspaces will be equipped with cutting edge technology for connecting colleagues remotely as if they are in the room, meaning that our overseas and remote Ducks won’t have to miss out. Purchasing the office building is a major step for us towards striking the right balance.

A more sustainable way of living and working

As an ISO 14001 certified business, we’re committed to becoming more energy aware in our working practices and our day-to-day activities. As such, sustainability is at the heart of our plans for the office. That’s why we’re planning to move almost all the technology in Elstree to the cloud, hosted by renewable energy data centres to reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe the sustainable workplace of the future is not a place where everyone has to travel in and sit at their desks from 9-5 every day. It should be a space for collaboration, brainstorming and building relationships, while providing connectivity for those who are continuing to work remotely. Although commuting every day is no longer necessary with our hybrid working model, we appreciate that some people will still need to drive to the office occasionally, so we’ve installed an electric charging point. A new bike rack will also give Ducks the option to cycle to work. Alongside these additions, we’re continuing to lobby for infrastructure improvements which will aid commuting around Hertsmere.

A view of the Elstree office, showing a seating area with cushions, flying ducks on the wall and a table with orange chairs. Sunlight is streaming in through the window.

An interior shot of the Cyber-Duck Elstree office.

An upgraded pond = happy Ducks

Our working spaces will be transformed with new tech additions, including a laboratory replete with computing nostalgia areas, an upgraded cinema room and a new virtual reality corner. Inspirational areas for product and service demonstrations will allow clients to experience what we do first-hand. There will be areas for device testing, accessibility assessments and R&D showcases. 

An on-site garden will provide a place to chill in the summer, and new sports and walking clubs will help us all to get active for the sake of our physical and mental health. Games consoles mean that breaks will never be boring. 

Building on history

Although the new space will offer many high-tech benefits, it’s also a place rich in history and character. This is no ordinary office building. Situated on Watling Street, an old Roman road, the building is a Grade 2 listed historic coach house and a site of archaeological importance. We love the building’s character and have big plans to restore its original historic features while also bringing it up to speed as a modern workplace.

Cyber-Duck has come a long way since I set up the company in 2005 – initially running it from my flat in Mill Hill, the company now has 100+ staff in the UK and overseas, and revenue grew by over 100% in the last 2 years. With so much growth happening, we were in need of the perfect nest to facilitate our future. With this purchase, we can now write the next chapter in the history of this unique building.

Here’s to the next decade and beyond.