December 2007 - Cyber-Duck have caused a stir with the fun & quirky flash animations on Periscopix's new website.

Periscopix are leaders within the Pay Per Click Campaign Design & Management industry providing extensive PPC management services to clients in alsmost every vertical. Periscopix felt that their current site was dull and lifeless and hence wanted Cyber-Duck to produce an eye-catching flash site that would be fun, quirky and enjoyable for the user to bring the traditionally complicated and jargon-filled subject of PPC to life.

The Challenge

Periscopix's brief detailed that they wanted to have impressive and fun character and machine animations inspired by Monty Python and Rube Goldberg style machines that would really catch user's attention and imagination. Periscopix didn't want an everyday run-of-the-mill type website, they wanted something that would really make them stand out from their competitors.

The Solution

The eccentric and quirky flash animations on the website as well the interface design itself are most definitely eye-catching. Cyber-Duck followed the brief to create extremely creative animations based on loose references with what is involved in PPC management such as extensive keyword research and constantly working to optimise PPC campaigns through the Rube Goldberg influenced mechanical animations along with funny and entertaining character animations.

The Result

Periscopix have a funky and quirky flash website design with stunning animations which will serve to create a stronger online brand and presence for Periscopix where they will stand out within this vastly competitive industry. This has been illustrated by the way that the flash website design has received coverage in online forum communities and the blogosphere with the general consensus loving the eccentricity of the website and the fact that Periscopix have dared to do something out of the ordinary to make themselves stand out.