It’s time for Cyber-Duck’s fourth annual Quack Hack! Inspired by our business challenges, 19 ducks dreamed and developed creative, ambitious projects in our intensive, 24-hour Hackathon. Here’s a snapshot of our weekend.  

Research and Development (R&D) is at the heart of our creative culture at Cyber-Duck. These projects are a great opportunity to experiment with new ideas, approaches and technologies. Production raises our digital capabilities, brings us together and even informs the digital solutions we choose for clients. For us, this outlet is the key to standing out (and keeping up!) with the crowded, evolving digital space.

But this commitment steps up with the Quack Hack. As summer closes, our internal Hackathon competition begins. Dividing into mixed teams, we pool expertise to dream and develop ambitious projects in just 24 hours – with music, sweets and a traditional British BBQ thrown in.

And the Winner Is…

Business challenges and opportunities are a big source of inspiration for our hacks. This year, we were driven by a simple theme: ‘helping our office’. Five teams turned this brief into very different projects, with final presentations judged for design, build and marketing thought.

Our spectacular winning project is being hidden away until we build a bigger and better version – watch this space! Here’s a snapshot of our brilliant projects. Head to each team’s blog to find out more.

  • Can I Ride? – performance-optimised animations of weather conditions for driving
  • Clapfeed – cheering colleagues' success with a tailored Mac app
  • Duck Duck Guess – classic themed game, ready for team-building
  • Brace – quickly locating the team with a Slack integration

Hack Your Business Growth

Want to unlock innovation at your company? We can run an intensive Hackathon session with your staff, which will hone their creative, collaborative skills. Our experts will help to conceive unique digital solutions that can differentiate you from competitors, and rapidly generate product and campaign prototypes with your team.

We’ll draw on our extensive experience with conceiving, building and promoting R&D products. Our team has run similar demos with the BBC’s ‘The Future is Now’, UX London and Mozilla Festival. With over 20,000 downloads, our UX Companion hack project went viral and won the Best Mobile Campaign at the UK Agency Awards. We’ve even explored the Internet of Things, turning an antique cuckoo clock into an online notification system.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll show you how to hack the potential of your business.

Hack BBQ

Our Quack Hack is a fun weekend for the team - and a great opportunity to build innovative projects.