We are proud to announce our latest project win; an interactive business game for a commercial training company, re:kap. The simulation app named “Exec Box” will help aspiring executives to learn how to deal with real-life business crises and unexpected, yet completely feasible events, the likes of which are not taught in business schools.

The project comes as a result of a long-running and prosperous relationship between Cyber-Duck and re:kap. The “Exec Box” is envisioned to be the most compelling and engaging digital training programme in the world. Set to be a “real life” simulator, the application will take the format of a game. The user (the hero) will have several goals to complete in the game, including increasing their own share price (score) by learning and solving typical business challenges. The user will be put in positions where they have to make crucial company saving decisions, whilst progressing up the company ladder. As well as developing real-life skills, the game is set to be a lot of fun, and we are incredibly excited to get our duck bills into it!

Hatched at the Digital Pond

Our relationship with re:kap goes all the way back to 2012 when their founder Kevin Allen initially appeared at the Digital Pond event “An evening with Kevin Allen”. The former ad-man delivered an inspiring talk about “The Hidden Agenda”, a concept which explains the way to win business and create a following. Since then, re:kap and Cyber-Duck have been working together to solve some of re:kap’s business needs. In return, re:kap has directly supported the Digital Pond; providing professional videography services so we could record our speakers at our most recent event. Check out their videos on the Cyber-Duck YouTube channel.

Kevin Allen and the Marketing team
Kevin Allen and the Cyber-Duck marketing team in May 2012.

A fruitful relationship

Work began on this project back in April 2013, when re:kap invited Cyber-Duck to work with them on a consultancy basis researching and analysing their requirements.

During this time, Cyber-Duck took the re:kap team through the proven user experience (UX) consultancy process; from conducting stakeholder interviews and high-level brainstorming to using techniques like card sorting, the team mapped out the core experience. Cyber-Duck helped to plan the scope of the minimum viable product (MVP) and built early prototypes that could be tested and iterated upon.

Karl Allen, CEO of re:kap said,

“We are delighted to be partnering with Cyber-Duck. They’re the sharpest tools in the shed, and great guys too. I’ve watched the care, discipline and intellect they’ve applied even in a short span of time, and I am convinced that we’ve made a very smart choice indeed.”

UX Consulting from Cyber-Duck

If you are interested in finding out how Cyber-Duck can plan an MVP for your project get in touch.

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