In this 2020 digital trends report, you’ll explore key shifts and themes that will affect your business this year and beyond. With practical guidance to help you adapt to each trend, you’ll get:

  • A brief rundown of 10 key 2020 trends across customer expectation, data, security and compliance and what they mean for your business
  • A look-ahead to critical regulation, market evolution and technological developments expected this year and their likely impact
  • Your 2020 resolutions: practical next steps to help you take advantage of each trend and keep you ahead of the game

You’ll learn:

  • The regulation that will change how you work in 2020
  • Why accessibility is top of the agenda – and this time, it’s non-negotiable
  • How AI is creating customer demand for personalised, friction-free experiences

These insights have been collated by ISO-accredited digital agency Cyber-Duck. For 15 years, we’ve built award-winning products for clients including the Bank of England, Cancer Research and Mitsubishi Electric.

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