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Right now, the financial services industry faces unprecedented disruption against a chaotic global backdrop that includes record-breaking data breaches and complex regulation.

And it’s a landscape with huge opportunities, from personalisation and automation to AI and voice interfaces – tools that can power smarter, more natural customer experience.

But one thing hasn’t changed. We’re still designing for people. User-centred design helps you build seamless, consistent customer experiences that work.

In this white paper, discover:

  • The 4 ways user-centred design gives you the edge
  • The 4 key stages of the UX process
  • 6 things you need to know about your data
  • The 5 ways AI and automation can transform your business

Plus get practical tips on data migration, effective QA and selecting your tech stack.

The Power of User-Centred Design

Learn why companies like Amazon and AirBnB have invested more heavily in customer experience than in advertising. See how insights from evidence-based user research, using techniques like wireframe usability testing, use case mapping and ethnographical observation, help you understand your user’s need states at every step of their journey. You’ll discover why they’re getting stuck, how to smooth their experience – and even when to add a little friction.

Level Up Your Data Strategy

Combine your qualitative insights with connected data. See how to map your data using tools like service design blueprints, learn how to build your data strategy and get expert tips for migrating data. Plus, see the five things you can do to protect your organisation against data security breaches.

Tech You Can Trust

Walk through how to define your tech stack – it starts with the CX – and get a deeper understanding of your most critical system for creating personalised, user-centred experiences. See what effective QA looks like, how it can mitigate potential problems, and why it’s everyone’s responsibility.

The Potential of AI, CUIs and RPA

See how AI, automation and personalisation have fundamentally changed the digital landscape. Learn how they help you to better understand your customers, scale operations, boost security and transform financial services. Plus, get 8 ways to use chatbots and 24 opportunities for RPA in financial services.

And there’s more

Download the white paper for sector-specific tips on values-based marketing, convincing content, monitoring performance and closing the feedback loop – all from a customer-centred perspective.

About Cyber-Duck

At Cyber-Duck, we’ve been trusted by clients including the Bank of England, the Financial Ombudsman Service and Cancer Research to deliver digital transformation. Cyber-Duck’s approach is powered by an ISO-accredited user-centred design process, data and technology and draws expertise from investment in creative R&D.  

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