Speed up your time to market and transform your customer experience with DevOps.

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  • Break down the silos between IT operations and development teams
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  • Get code into production faster
  • Spot technical problems swiftly
  • Automate repetitive work and focus on strategy

At Cyber-Duck, we’re known for fast, secure development and ISO-certified process. Our approach is proven – we’ve helped organisations including Sport England, Cancer Research Technology and Cabot Financial switch to DevOps. Now we’re sharing our knowledge with you.

We’ll run you through the entire DevOps process from planning to deployment. You’ll discover:

  • How to build a DevOps culture that delivers customer value
  • The 8 stages of the DevOps loop
  • Automation tools to save you time and money
  • DevOps concepts to transform your development:
  • 8 principles for implementing your pipeline management

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