Just 9 months after launching the original RetireEasy LifePlan application aimed at the consumer market, Cyber-Duck have now produced RetireEasy LifePlan Professional.

The original ground-breaking online application, LifePlan, allows retirees to plan, visualise and manage their own finances throughout retirement. RetireEasy LifePlan Professional means that through the use of a user-friendly yet sophisticated dashboard, a financial adviser can organise several accounts at one time, producing reports and offering their own professional advice, in-line with the recommendations output by the automated calculations of the software.

RetireEasy LifePlan Professional

As per the consumer product, the LifePlan Professional application gathers all necessary details including, investments & assets, homes & mortgages, pensions & annuities, debts & expenditures and any other income in retirement.  The adviser can define inflation, growth & yield assumptions in their calculations and the system automatically factors in income tax rules to generate the LifePlan.  The LifePlan can be viewed as a series of easy to follow graphical charts or for those who wish to delve into more detail they can export the retirement plan as a downloadable spreadsheet.

Advisers also have the added benefit of being able to generate the LifePlan as a report containing the details and charts which they can customise with their own branding and recommendations.

Following the new regulations from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) surrounding “Retail Distribution Review”, the tool is especially RDR friendly. It allows advisers to connect and collaborate with their clients (allowing the client full or limited access to the online tool) and track the dates of any edits or updates which are automatically archived and readily accessible to give all clients complete transparency.

Mark Soper of RetireEasy Ltd said, “We’re thrilled to have launched another ground breaking service and would like to thank Cyber-Duck for their continued support in producing another stunning website.  It’s fabulous that the website also works great on iPad as well as laptop or PC too. Now we can offer our unique product to a wider professional market, helping even more people understand the importance of financial planning in their retirement.”

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