Cyber-Duck Directors, Matt Gibson and Danny Bluestone were both featured on separate industry leading publications Design Week and the Kernel Magazine, sharing their knowledge on web design and project management, respectively.

The Cyber-Duck team have always been on the frontline of the digital industry, working with the most ground-breaking technologies to produce high quality, innovative solutions for clients and partners. By setting the pace in web production for 7 years, it is safe to say they have learnt a thing or two, and are more than happy to talk about it.

Matt Gibson, Production Director, gave a fantastic overview in Design Week of how web design has changed since 2004. Using archived examples saved in the Cyber-Duck Pinterest account, Matt recounted the changes of trends in typography, grids, layouts and design patterns over the last 8 years. With so many influences and evolving technologies, the web design practices of just a few years ago are almost unrecognisable today, and Matt drives this and other key points home. It’s a great read!

Cyber-Duck Managing Director, Danny Bluestone has continued to be active in the digital community. Following on from his speech at UCD2012, Danny was featured on the Kernel’s opinion section, talking about how the NHS’s failed multi-billion pound project would have been avoided if it had been managed using an agile approach combined with a User Centred Design method. It gives an insight into how Cyber-Duck approach their projects, with a solid approach applying user-centred design and agile development processes.

Kernel Mag


A preview from Danny's article in The Kernel.

Cyber-Duck remains in the spotlight next week with Marketing Manager, Harry Clark speaking at the Digital Pond Marketing Panel of 2013. He will be discussing the ever-changing landscape of in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in 2012 and what we will come to expect in 2013. There are seats left, so be sure to book your place.

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