Android announce their latest smartphone software, whilst MC Hammer tries to put a stop to the market dominance of Google search.

Siji and Harry were in attendance at a Twitter Eve with @BillBoorman, a networking event held by Social Media London. During the evening Twitter evangelist Bill Boorman spoke of the benefits of using  Twitter, how to build and influence your following by writing a viral tweet and how to get into a routine of monitoring and tweeting. As a result Siji (@Siji_Banjo) and Harry (@hjclark3) are now competing to see who can build the biggest Twitter following so help them out.

During the evening the pair met Emma Glazier and Marian Adjei from Media and Communications Agency PHD Worldwide as well as Jess Whitworth of who all shared their views on the best way to build a Twitter following as well as the social media monitoring platforms they use to keep an eye on the latest Twitter trends.

Industry News

Google have showcased their latest version of their popular Android smartphone software, which they named “Ice Cream Sandwich”. The software boasts a range of new features including face recognition unlocking, enhanced email capability, an enhanced voice input enabling the phone to continuously listen for voice instructions and Android Beam which enables users to swap apps, links and web content by simply touching their phones together.

“Ice Cream Sandwich” (or Android 4.0) also has significant design changes which include the ability to group apps, a redesigned multi-tasking screen, new lock screen features and replacing buttons with on-screen icons. The first phone to feature Android’s latest software will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Popular 90’s mainstream rapper MC Hammer has this week unveiled a new search engine which aims to focus on “deep search” and relational topics, named WireDoo. Hammer believes popular search engines like Google are not strong at connecting keywords to related topics and believes his new search engine will return results which bring up related topics to a search query in multiple verticals.

We’re pleased to bring you some great news to end this week’s edition of the weekly. First we would like to all wish a warm welcome to Nicholas Marks who has joined as the new Cyber-Duck accountant.

We would also like to congratulate Cyber-Duck’s talented Interactive Designer Rajkumar Remanan and his wife Anuprabha as they welcome a new baby boy in to the world. Raj is now enjoying his paternity leave with the new member of his family.

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