We are proud to host The Digital Pond’s Tech Startup Meetup “Learning from success” tonight in The Old Sessions House in Farringdon with Nadav Poraz and Ted Nash.

The evening will offer great insights into tech start-ups from those with first-hand experience of success. As usual, the Digital Pond will provide a great platform for networking, allowing the “Digital Ponderers” to connect with like-minded individuals. So whether you are an established business, just launched an amazing startup or a complete newbie to the world of technology there will be something for you to take away.

Digital Pond audience

The Digital Pond attracts London’s leading businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Our guest speakers are Ted Nash, partner of Liquid5 and avid app entrepreneur and Nadav Poraz, founder of WhoSampled with a wealth of experience in consumer tech and enterprise software.


Ted has an impressive résumé having been successfully profiting from developing apps since the age of 14. Now at 21 he is running a start-up, Liquid5, that has developed many popular apps such as ‘Fit or Fugly’, ‘RackStare’ and the much anticipated ‘Appdaq’. Being the youngest developer to achieve 1 million app downloads back in 2011, Ted has been subject to great media coverage and his talk at our meetup is guaranteed to be engaging and insightful to his whirlwind progress into the tech industry.

Nadav has come from a background of software development and has 15 years of knowledge to share in how to use your skills to start up your own business in the digital space. He has successfully combined his area of expertise with his passion for music in launching WhoSampled – an app with an extensive database of music samples, remixes and covers. Nadav’s talk will inspire those who have a passion and a vision, who are looking for an expert’s advice to help make their business idea a reality.

Both speakers will be offering an extensive Q+A session whereby they will be happy to answer any questions about how they got off the ground and reached the point at which they are at today.

We are lucky to have such successful individuals share their experiences with us, so join the Digital Ponders in Farringdon this evening at 6pm to learn from their success! Cyber-Duck will be hosting the event alongside long-time Digital Pond supporters; Rackspace, Alliotts and re:kap. If you would like to find out more about the event, please visit Meetup.