Cyber-Duck kick off 2012 with the launch of a new KFTV website and the announcement of a new project with Optima Systems., our latest project for Wilmington Publishing & Information Ltd, part of Wilmington Group Plc, launched this week. Much like The Knowledge Online, which we also designed and built this year, KFTV is in the business of helping people find the best film, TV and commercial production companies and information out there. The main difference with KFTV is that it is an international directory. 


Cyber-Duck are delighted to announce we will be redesigning and redeveloping a brand new web presence for long standing client Optima Group. Optima are leaders in the glass and drywall partitioning market and as such they looked to Cyber-Duck to produce a website that reflects and reinforces their position as market leaders.

Cyber-Duck built and launched Optima's current website in May 2008 and has since enjoyed a close relationship with Optima delivering many different mini-projects including games, micro-sites and award winning apps. Now the ducks are tasked with creating a new innovative and captivating interface for Optima, drawing on our vast range of experience in design and user experience. The website is due to be launched later in 2012.

Industry News

The world’s most popular search engine; Google, has been punished by none other than themselves for unethical SEO practices. The search giant was found to have cheated through the use of sponsored links; a practice they actively discourage. As a result Google have dropped their own chrome web browser for at least 60 days in the search engine rankings.

Microsoft have celebrated the demise of their unpopular web browser IE6 by baking a cake. The celebrations come as Microsoft were happy to reveal that the web browser is now used by less than 1% of US internet surfers. There have been many campaigns from Microsoft to discourage users from using IE6 and persuade them to start using later editions such as IE8 and IE9.

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