Lots going on this week at Cyber-Duck with an award nomination and new business strategies based on our recent Blue Ocean initiative. 

Cyber-Duck were recently nominated for a business excellence award in the small business (SME) category at the prestigious Business Excellence Awards 2012. This is a fantastic achievement and solidifies our position as one of the leading digital agencies in the UK. 

“Cyber-Duck were handpicked to participate in the Business Excellence Awards” says Danny Bluestone, Managing Director of Cyber-Duck. “We were delighted to be shortlisted after the first round of judging and even more delighted to meet the second pair of judges after being told that we are finalists."

Digital Agency Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is a business strategy that focuses on targeting untapped markets for steady growth and high profits rather than competing with existing markets. The key recipe for success at Cyber-Duck is offering superior services in new technologies such as SaaS, Adaptive Web Design and high quality UX testing, making Blue Ocean an ideal strategy for our continued success. We recently concluded our Blue Ocean strategy meetings and have developed a huge list of improvements to the company that will benefit our clients, staff and the working environment. It is something that we are all looking forward to implementing to make Cyber-Duck an even better digital agency.

UK Israel Business

Siji Onabanjo, Strategy Manager at Cyber-Duck enjoyed a business breakfast event with UK Israel Business, a company that provides specialist information for emerging business opportunities in the UK and Israel. Lord Michael Grade was the guest of honour at the event and Siji had a great chance to network with a number of business executives and company leaders.

I mentioned last week about the new ping pong table at the Cyber-Duck offices and this week sees the introduction of another fun toy, table football! So whether it's a causal game of friendly ping pong, or an intense, testosterone filled battle of table football, there is some awesome entertainment during lunch at Cyber-Duck now.

Industry News

Gizmodo, the popular gadget and technology blog published an interesting article about how Sony has fallen far from their heyday in the 1980's and 90's as the top electronics company. Gizmodo claim that they are loosing out to companies like Apple who focus much of their research and development on user experience. These days, the latest and greatest technology is something we expect, so the user experience is where is matters most. This is something that Apple has focused on with iOS, and with their huge industry lead over Sony it seems that this is the only way forward. User experience is the top priority for Cyber-Duck too, as we understand that the way a user interacts with technology is the most important factor relating to their enjoyment of it.

Google's Panda and Penguin Algorithm
An important news release for many this week is the change that Google has made to their search engine algorithm. Google's Panda algorithm has been updated to 3.4 and a new algorithm called Penguin has been implemented in a bid to stop keyword spamming. This Penguin update is most interesting as it moves us closer to a time where quality website content will be rewarded.

Galaxy S3 Announced in London Yesterday
If you are in the market for a new phone, you have no doubt already seen the launch of Samsung's latest and greatest yesterday, the Galaxy S3. With a huge 4.8" screen, quad-core processor and 8mp camera, could it be enough for Apple to start getting worried? Afterall, Samsung recently overtook Nokia as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, shipping an incredible 20 million Galaxy S2 phones since its launch last year.

The End of The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay gets blocked by a number of UK ISPs this week. The news came after a long battle from the BPI against the Swedish website which was deemed to 'encourage copyright infringement' by a high court ruling.  While I agree that content creators should be rewarded for their work, websites like The Pirate Bay will always exist until there is a better distribution model for digital media. Looking at the success of Spotify, Netflix and Steam, it is easy to see that digital distribution can work and many record companies that push for these bans are simply relics of an old pre-digital age.

That's all for this week, but make sure to catch up with all the latest news at Cyber-Duck every Friday.


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