It’s been a busy week for Google and we look to run you through their latest product announcements (and some April Fools jokes).

But before all of that we bring you some exciting news from Cyber-Duck as we have been selected as the dedicated digital agency for two new web ventures. At the moment we cannot say too much about either project but one of them is an international PLC corporation which will enjoy Cyber-Duck's unique UX consultancy, UCD (User Centred Design) production for Adaptive Web Design and SaaS technology services. Needless to say, the ducks can’t wait to start work on both projects and provide you with more news.

Google have also had some exciting announcements and firstly we wanted to talk about their new augmented reality glasses dubbed Google glasses. The new concept allows you to go about your everyday life with the help of 14 various Google services including information on the weather, location and diary appointments, enabling you to capture and share information real-time, without a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

At the moment the idea is still in the design phase, as the architects behind the product seek feedback from potential users and as such a release date for the product or an estimated cost has not been published, but this is surely innovation at its greatest and definitely a product to look out for in the future.

Google have also announced updates to their search algorithm which could potentially affect the ranking of your website. Overall there were 50 changes which include turning off a classifier related to anchor text, interpreting better use of anchor text, improvements to image search results which promote the use of reasonably sized images and the indexing of several extra punctuation marks and symbols. Cyber-Duck will be advising our clients on any changes that may affect their rankings.

Finally, we leave you with a variety of our favourite April fools jokes from around the web to celebrate the 1st April last weekend.

  • Google Elegantizr HTML/CSS framework – Google claimed their new framework would reduce work for html/css developers when styling websites, but results of the CSS repeatedly displayed 'April fools' before every line of the webpage.
  • Conan O’Brien Buys Mashable – Mashable also fooled loyal followers in to thinking American TV host Conan O’Brien had purchased and taken over from CEO and Co-Founder Pete Cashmore.
  • BitBucket Spooning – Source code hosting provider Bitbucket offered their users a somewhat alternative implementation of integrating distributed version control into the ideology of Extreme Programming, involving two developers spooning each other while programming.
  • Google Maps Quest Mode – Finally those using Google on April the first would have been introduced to Google maps quest mode, an alternative 8-bit version of their Google maps service. The feature replicated the sounds and sights of the popular Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) which most users appear to have welcomed.
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